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Day out with the bae Nicki


Day out with the bae Nicki

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Kasim: Y’all know each other?

Dylan: Yeah we know know each other. This is my sister. Is this who you’ve been fucking with?

Kasim: Your sister?!

Dylan: Yes! My sister!

Kasim looked at Devin for confirmation, but she seemed overwhelmed. With all the other issues between herself and Dylan, Devin could barely process the possibility that they were both involved with Kasim. Nervous and a tiny bit heartbroken, she asked him the question she really didn’t want to know the answer to.

Devin: What’s going on between you two?

Dylan snatched her shades off and looked him square in the eye.

Dylan: Go ‘head, Kasim. Tell her what’s going on between us.

At an uncharacteristic loss for words, Kasim just stared at Dylan. He thought she was so pretty, but he also thought she was nuts and seemed to take a lot of pleasure in being a bitch. Looking over at Devin, he thought of the night they’d spent together. The hurt in her eyes was unmistakable and he felt bad that he was partly to blame for it.  Under normal circumstances he would have loved the idea of boning two bad ass sisters and would have rushed to brag about it to Saire. He was still going to brag about it to Saire, but he wasn’t taking as much pleasure in it as he would have liked. It would have been much more enjoyable if he’d known they were sisters and had some control over the situation. This shit right here was messy! And with both of them trying to nail him to the wall, all he wanted to do was leave.

Devin: Are you gonna answer me? What’s going on with you two?

Instead of answering directly, he jumped on the defensive.

Kasim: Why y’all trying to put me under pressure? How was I supposed to know you were sisters?!

Devin: Ok. So you are messing around with her?

Refusing to incriminate himself, he still wouldn’t answer the question.

Devin: Is this who’s house you were at when I was on the phone with you?

He still refused to respond, but the question caught Dylan’s attention.

Dylan: That was you on the phone with him?

Dylan turned back to Kasim.

Dylan: All this time, we’ve been fighting over my sister?!

Kasim: Yo Dylan, stop acting like we’re in a relationship, a’ight? I wasn’t cheating on you! You was doing your thing and I was doing mine. You just came in here with some dude!

Dylan wasn’t trying to hear the truth or any of that sensible shit he was talking. All she heard was that he was relegating her to a second class position and putting her sister first.

Dylan: You threw me out of your house in my panties over her?

Devin: Oh my God! You threw her out your house in her panties?!

Kasim: This is some bullshit! Dylan, you know why I put you out. Now y’all ganging up on me like I’m the bad guy? I didn’t know you were sisters!

Dylan: Ain’t nobody ganging up on you. I don’t need her to defend me. I don’t need her to do shit for me.

With the both of them coming at him, the conversation he had with Devin earlier almost slipped his mind. When he suddenly made the connection, he unwittingly blurted it out.

Kasim: Is this the sister you were telling me about?

Dylan quickly turned to look at Devin.

Dylan: Telling him what about me?

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i am…overwhelmed LMAO!!! Kasim never fails me when it comes to drama and surprise. he gets himself into the CRAZIEST situations and this is topping the cake. Well, on the bright side, he did reunite long-lost sisters through the power of love…or his dick. *cough*

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Brown skin ,

up against my brown skin.

I can’t tell where yours begins.

I can’t tell where mine ends…..


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Movie Night! Because much like 5:00, it is Spooky Day somewhere.

A quick and dirty collection of some of the best zombie movies of all the times, in single DVD form. Mesh and texture credits to Around The Sims and Aikea Guinea.

Bonus Friday the 13th DVD because Jason Voorhees is the king of zombies. You can chain him to the ocean floor, stab him in the head, drown him with toxic waste, and STILL he rises again to slay all your favorites, because that’s just what he does. Mesh and texture credits to: 4EverSimFantasy and Aikea Guinea.

category: Decorative -> Misc

compressed package | mediafire

tou: Just don’t reupload or claim you made it and we’re okay.

Please let me know if there are any problems, otherwise enjoy!


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Jessica Rabbit  || I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.

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Selfie Sunday.

my gorgeous simblr/rp wifey &lt;3


Selfie Sunday.

my gorgeous simblr/rp wifey <3

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In the middle of the Ocean, we are free.